Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DisneyWorld was a BLAST!!!

Well, we are back from our family trip to Walt Disney World. It was so much fun to go with our little guy to the House of Mouse. He got so much more than Amanda or I thought he would. I know he probably won't remember it, but Amanda and I will. He is obsessed with telling us how naughty pirate are. Also, he's still mad that at Donald Duck for stealing Mickey's Hat in "Mickey's Philharmagic" attraction at the Magic Kingdom. We rode lots of kiddie rides and had a blast. And the most amazing thing was that I rode the tea cups with my son. I said I would never ride them. But you do crazy things for the ones you love. It was a great trip and we can't wait to, Lord willing, take him when he gets older. As with every family trip, it always has to come to an end. Back to the snow and cold of Wisconsin in winter. Praise God for the blessing of being able to go in the first-place.
So this is Elijah after telling Donald he was naughty for stealing Mickey's hat. Of course then Donald got a hug and kiss afterwards.
Here's Elijah hanging out with his buddy Mickey Mouse. Took three times for them to be really cool together. Elijah loves Mickey now.
These are a couple of ladies Elijah met in Animal Kingdom who are from South Africa. He seems to be a real ladie's man. Elijah was playing instruments and dancing with them for a LONG time...
Here are Peter and Bryony, our cousins from England. We got to hang out at Epcot one night together. Elijah had a great time walking around with them. Wish we could see them more often.
Here's Elijah and Daddy enjoying one of our many slushes together from the trip.
Mommy and Elijah riding the carousel together. He LOVES the carousel
Elijah after witnessing Donald steal the "hat" from Mickey. He seems to like the Donald merchandise though, hey?

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