Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall Festivities!

We had so much fun at our Fall Fest at church as well as a fun family day together. Here are a few updated photos of our (not so little) boy!

We finally received our paperwork needed from our social worker to request a court date to finalize Elijah's adoption with the state of WI. I am so excited to be doing that today and hope we can get a court date quickly!

Well, it's one week from today and we are on our way to Disney World!


Aimee said...

Just found your blog. Have fun at Disney!

Cory and Margaret said...

Yay!! How very exciting! Have fun at Disney!

Oh, and I started a yahoo group called SE WI: Touched by Adoption to try and connect some of the families in this area together. I would love to see you join!! :)