Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thankgiving, a whole bunch of Elijah pics

Well, I'm finally going to post a bunch of Elijah pics. I know I keep saying this, but we have the funniest little guy. He laughs at everything. That is such a huge blessing when you're kinda crabby or grumpy. I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 months since we've been home already. He is picking up so much new stuff every week. He can totally go from crawling to sitting up by himself now (last Thursday). He is starting to imitate things that we do. Amanda is working on teaching him some sign-language. Wish I had a sponge-like brain like him. Anyways, here are the pics...Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. Praise the Lord for everything you have, he always makes sure we have a meal to eat, shelter, and clothes on our back.
So here he is with one of his first crackers a couple of weeks ago. Before this everything was mushy food...mmmm...saltines

This is yesterday after the Packer game, Amanda took a pic of him upside down

This is before demolition of the tower...

His first look at a Christmas tree and lights, Amanda wanted it up early...

Another pic of his first Christmas tree experience

Elijah in mouse ears with his Buzz Lightyear phone...He was extremely tired by this time as you can see.

Here Elijah is feeding Dixie his cracker. Dixie is doing pretty good on Elijah's leavin's

Our friend Carla's kids, Zena (8 yo) and Fonose` (almost 10) who she adopted from Ethiopia. They came over Saturday night to hang-out with Elijah and us. They are so much fun and are great with Elijah. Amanda and I met the girls about 3 months after Carla adopted them and it was a huge reason we chose to adopt from Ethiopia.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, will post some fun video clips soon