Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally an update

So we have the cutest kid in the world right? That is what everybody probably thinks about their children. Elijah has been the biggest blessing to Amanda and I. We have had one heck of a summer with our little guy. On July 17th, we had our one year anniversary of when we received our referral of our little guy. What a great reminder of how much Jesus Christ has done for the Duda family. The Lord continues to bless Amanda's position at the church. She is such a hard worker. And He is keeping me busy here at the city with all of our construction jobs just getting started up this week.

Elijah was just at the Dr. and he's in the 95-100% in height for his age. And about 55-60% for weight. So he's starting to get really tall and skinny. Though he does eat a ton most meals. I could use some of that metabolism myself. Elijah is saying about 30 words total. Most of it isn't really easy to decipher unless you are with him a lot. He is also throwing many tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Oh yay, Genesis 3 (man sinning and thereafter being born in it) has finally reached our son full blast. We are just praying that this season doesn't last too long. Also, he is getting his 2 year molars in as well.

He has taken an interest to sitting on the toilet, so that is really cool. How cool would it be to have a poddy-trained 1 year old? We'll see if his muscles have caught up to it yet. I think Amanda and I are going to get him a seat this week. Well here's some pics from the early summer. I'll try to get some videos of him being silly as that happens almost every day. Talk to ya soon

Elijah and his cousin Gavin in their Cadillac Escalade at Mimi's house

Elijah and his daddy learning to Hulahoop at the Milwaukee Zoo

Nice face, this is Elijah at Grandma and Grandpas

Elijah with his new cousin Polly. Grandma and Grandpa got a new puppy Pollyanna Bridget Duda. She is such a cute little dog. Elijah keeps calling her Dixie, as that is our dog's name.


Susan said...

We've missed you! Elijah is SO BIG and gorgeous! Thanks for the update!

~Susan (AWAA Family)

Carpenters said...

Yeah for updates! I just checked your blog last night to see if you had updated. I was going to email you just to chat and see how things were going. Now I can leave a comment instead. Yeah!

Elijah has grown so much in the past few months. He and Josiah are at about the same stage with the language, potty learning, tantrums, and teeth. We'll have to get these two together some time. I can't wait to see the videos.

With Love,

Mary Beth said...
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