Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some new pics of Elijah going swimming

Well, not a ton has been happening to the Duda family the last couple of weeks. We had been pretty much getting the plague about once a week between the three of us. Last weekend we decided to head down to Schaumburg, IL to go to Harvest Bible Chapel (where we had attended church for three years) and to stay overnight and go swimming. Elijah LOVES the water. This kid is just crazy about swimming and splashing as you probably can see in the pictures. He just giggled the whole time.

We are just all ready for some nice warm 50 degree days with some sun to dry everything out. Can't wait to plant our flowers, cut some grass (the first time or two at least) and just go for a nice walk. This has been about as long of a winter as we've had since I've been older in Wisconsin. We are at almost 90 inches of snow in this year. And we always get another snow in March and April.
Here's the pics

This kid was splashing chlorine in Daddy's face all morning

Elijah being cute in the water

Mamma and Elijah hanging out in the pool right before splashing Daddy

Okay, a total miscellaneous pic of Elijah with a lightsaber. This kid gets weird with a lightsaber, hopefully not the darkside taking over. He gets super whiny and cries forever if you take away the lightsaber. Luckily he only gets to see it when he's at his cousin Gavin's house.


Carpenters said...

Elijah is so cute! I hope you are all over the plague and doing better. Josiah loves the water too. Alexandra likes the water, but it's too soon to tell how much. I can't wait until it is warm enough to swim in Gabe's parents' outdoor pool. I think they will both really enjoy pool time.

With Love,

Amber said...

Those pictures are so cute! What a little blessing.