Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Okay, some wisdom we had to learn the hard way

Well, we learned something the hard way the last couple of weeks. As many of you know, adoption isn't a cheap thing. We had to put some of the adoption on credit as we didn't have that much cash in-house. So we were super-excited to be able to file our tax return and pay most of that off. We talked to the person that is helping us prepare out taxes. I usually do them, but with the adoption I'd rather have someone help me with them. Our tax preparer asked for Elijah's social security #, ATIN# or ITIN # which is needed to claim the Adoption Tax Credit. Oops....Brutal, Amanda and I both completely forgot to get his SS# after we received Elijah's permanent residence card. So I went last week to the social security office and filed for his new SS#. Needless to say this will push back the tax return at least a month if not more. We found all the info on a packet we had received from our agency. With all the paperwork we had, it just got buried and we never read it. So, don't forget to file for a SS# after you get the permanent residence card.

Also something funny, when we were in Ethiopia, they gave Elijah the name Abereham David Duda as his name on some of the documents. The permanent residence card we have from the federal gov't has the same name on it. So that is how he will be filed until we complete re-adoption here in Wisconsin when we can change his name to what we use.

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Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

Praise God for the tax return! We did the SS card thing...and had it back within 7 days! We filed her as Misrak Caleb David...official name change to come soon at re-adoption...glad you guys got this worked out, come on big tax return!!!