Friday, February 8, 2008

Elijah's First Christmas pics...

Okay, sorry about the long wait...kept forgetting to bring the pics in so I could post them. We had a GREAT Christmas with the little guy. He got way too much stuff, more than he can even play with. I'll just throw a bunch of pics up with comments. I also have some 1st b-day pics which will be the next post.

Hey, move it, I'm trying to drive!!!

Okay Gavin, you play with that cool Transformer, I'll play with this wrapping paper bow.

Extreme Closeup!!!

Elijah loves baths, he usually eats the bubbles...yuk!!

This is the first day in his new roadster that Papa and Mimi got him..

I'm so beautiful I will kiss myself...*laugh*

Elijah always cracks himself up looking in mirrors...

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