Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 7 update from Addis

Well, there have been some really interesting things happening here in Addis. Some I can go into, some I can't. We went out last night to a really fun restaurant that was part Art gallery part Italian restaurant. It was some of the best Italian food I've had in a long time. We have been so blessed by the places Girmachew has chosen for us to dine at. We are both getting sick of eating out, which I never thought I'd say that *smile*. I'm looking forward to getting home and having some sugar-free grape kool-aid. It's next to impossible to find a diet soda here and we've probably put down about 20 liters of water between us. I'm not complaining,but it is either sugar soda or water, as we want to be really careful what we drink here.

Elijah has been a little goofball the whole time. He is one of the greatest joys in our life, short of marriage to each other and of course our relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He keeps tricking us pretending he is tired so he gets a bottle. Then after that he'll stay up and play for like 3 hours. So we are getting to figure out his little tricks *smile*. There are not many kids that smile as much as him though. When he gets in a good mood, which is almost all the time, he just laughs and giggles all the time.

We are off to dinner at an Ethiopian Family restaurant tonight, so I'm definitely going to get some hot (spicy) food. Might as well before we leave tomorrow night. Pray for us as we travel at 8:00 from Addis back to DC tomorrow night. It's about 6 PM here in Addis as I write this. We did get a bassinet that hangs from the wall of the plane for Elijah, so that is a huge relief. Otherwise he's on our lap for 15-16 hours. Will post new pics when we have time.

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Dave & Amanda:
Thank you so much for allowing us to follow your journey to Elijah!
He is gorgeous and you can tell you are head over heels for him already! We are praying for a safe, uneventful trip home for you! Please keep us updated!