Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back in Milwaukee, and thankful for everything the Lord did for us

Well, sorry it's been so long since I did an update, my internet account at the Hilton ended on Saturday and it was kinda high for one last day. And on top of that we don't have internet at home. So I'm at Starbucks with a lemonade iced tea (pretty good) and doing the WiFi thing. We got through the flights with Elijah being a great little boy on the flights. This was the thing I prayed about the most. The Lord got us home, exhausted, back was killing, but Praise HIM for giving us a beautiful little son. The Word of God says "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS (emph added), I say it again Rejoice!!!" So we are no matter if we are tired, or hurting after our flight for the trials and blessings the Lord gave us on this trip.

We were majorly blessed by so many family and friends showing up and meeting us at the airport when we got in Monday afternoon. Thank you soooo much from all three of us for making us feel great after about 40 hours or so without sleep. About 5 minutes after we saw y'all I didn't remember the sore back or the lack of sleep. Please stop by and visit Elijah when you have a chance, (call first if ya can *laugh*). We are finally getting back on track. Amanda and I are still figuring out a schedule for the little guy, but Elijah has done great with his new home. He has done really well with our dog Dixie, a golden retriever, who I picked up last night. So praise the Lord for that as well. Any fears or doubts, etc...we really gave up to the Lord and He supplied all our needs as He promised He would in Scripture.

I can't believe what a blessing having Elijah in the house is. It is a completely different life, I just pray that Amanda and I can keep our marriage as a focus while taking care of little Elijah. That is by far going to be the hardest part of this journey. I know it will all work out for God's glory. On the plane on the way to Ethiopia, we got to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a man named Patrick on the plane ride. I just pray that he sees that his sin separates him for the Lord and that only through Jesus Christ, the Bible says, can he come to salvation. (John 14:6 ) Jesus says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me."

Only through Jesus, no other way can anyone come to salvation. If you don't know Him, this is the most important decision in your life. I don't care if you don't like me for saying it, because I care more for your eternal soul to care about what someone thinks of me. It doesn't mean doing good, it means turning from your sins and praying to the Lord that you will live only for His glory for the rest of your life. Realizing that the Bible says, " All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God". It isn't through anything you do except accepting Jesus Christ's free gift, turning from your sins, and realizing only through his blood shed on the cross will you have eternal life with the Lord.

I will update this as I have time, but not daily now. I'll definitely put some new video up of Elijah, especially his first trip to the zoo. Talk to ya soon



Andrea said...

Welcome home!!! We have been following your journey and your beautiful boy. Thanks for letting us in on your experiences and the blessings of your trip. I pray that your bodies and minds are cleansed from a long trip and that Elijah adjusts to his new home and new time better with each day. Even the fact that you are concerning yourself with keeping your relationship a focus is such a good sign. As long as you make time for just the two of you (no matter how tired or wiped you are)and you make sure you are on the same page, and pray together things will work! This has been a major gift in our life as parents.........does take some adjustment time, and there are certainly ups and downs, but keeping that core relationship in tact will help the famiy unit fun smoothly (or more smoothly :)

What a gift to have been able to reach out to someone on the plane.

Andrea (AWAA)

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

So glad to see that you made it home safe and sound! Now you get to start the rest of your life with your precious son. Your blog has been such a blessing to follow, and it is obvious that God is at work in and through your lives.