Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 6 in Addis, some new pics

This is Elijah passed out today on the bed in his sweatsuit.

We have some happy pics of Elijah in his sweatsuit. He is a hotbox, always warm, just like his Daddy if you know me well *smile*. We are going down to the pool right now for the first swim as well, so hopefully he does good in there. Anyways, hope you enjoy the pics, pray hard for this country. Uh-oh he's up..gotta run...


Domestikate said...

It is so fun looking at the pictures of you guys and Elijah. I have tears in my eyes knowing how good the Lord is! You are in our daily prayers and we can't wait to meet your son.

God Bless,
The Pabsts

Jill Hanel said...

Thanks for sending the video of his hair cut and the pictures. He is sooo cute.
Love and miss you.